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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use a 3G dongle on my Maxtab Tablet?

Technical Assistance: Tablets

Yes you can - we have 2 different installation guides available.

Please select the Downloads tab here to download the 3G Dongle Installation instructions for C7/C8 running on Android 2.3. For O.S 2.3 (C&/C8), please be advised that you will need to install "HIPAN" before you are able to run the 3G dongle with Maxtab.

Please select the Downloads tab here to download the 3G Dongle Installation instructions for C7/C8 running on Android 4.0.

For all Maxtab Tablets on O.S 4.0x and above (H8/H10), you will be able to use a 3G dongle with having to install any application.

If the SIM card comes with a pin number, please unlock the pin from your mobile phone.

To see the list of compatible 3G dongles, please select the Downloads tab here.

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