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Frequently Asked Questions


Device has error message: No SD card or SD card not found

Technical assistance: AirStash

If you experienced a problem with the AirStash. Please follow the instructions below;

1. Email customerservices@maxell.eu to get a copy of the firmware update file and upload onto the SD card that is being used with the AirStash.
2. Insert the SD card into the AirStash.
3. Plug the AirStash into a powered USB port (either a computer USB port or a USB charger)

Immediately upon inserting the AirStash into a powered USB port, the LED on the AirStash will begin to blink rapidly, alternating between green and yellow.  It will go through a series of blinks, there will be a pause, and then it will go through another series of blinks.  Leave the AirStash plugged in to the USB port until the rapid blinking completely stops.

At that point the AirStash will be updated.




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