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Frequently Asked Questions


How long can I play music for on the Maxtab Tablets?

Technical Assistance: Tablets

The number of hours the Maxtab tablets will play music for will vary depending on the length of song, size of file and battery usage.

An indication for number of hours is below:


Maxtab C7 
Maxtab C8 
Maxtab H8 
Maxtab H10 
Standby Time 
Up to 220 hours 
 Up to 180 hours 
 Up to 160 hours 
 Up to 270 hours
Video Play Time
 Up to 5 hours
 Up to 5 hours
 Up to 5 hours
 Up to 7 hours
Audio Play Time
 Up to 14 hours
 Up to 14 hours
 Up to 14 hours
 Up to 24 hours
 Browsing Time
Up to 6.5 hours
Up to 4 hours
Up to 6 hours
Up to 8 hours
Reading Time
Up to 4 hours
Up to 4 hours
Up to 4 hours
Up to 4.5 hours

 *Please note that times mentioned above is for reference only and will vary depending on usage. The above times are based on standard usage .

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