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Maxell AirStash®

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Maxell AirStash® Maxell AirStash® Maxell AirStash® Maxell AirStash® Maxell AirStash®
Maxell AirStash® Maxell AirStash® Maxell AirStash® Maxell AirStash® Maxell AirStash® Maxell AirStash®

Introducing Maxell AirStash® A02, the first and only wireless flash drive with media streaming and two-way wireless document transfer capability. AirStash® is the perfect companion to the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android™ based WiFi-enabled devices and Windows™ based WiFi-enabled devices including Smartphones, Netbooks, Tablets, Laptops, Desktop Computers and more, and AirStash® can be used for anyone who wants to view, save, and share their documents and media ‘on-the-go’.

AirStash® is the only device to combine the portability of a standard USB flash drive, the flexibility of SD flash media, the power of a media streamer, and the convenience of wireless two-way file transfer. Using a standard USB connection, there is no need to carry a special cable or power adapter to use or recharge AirStash®.  SD card support provides infinite expandability and the ability to exchange files and media with existing SD card based products and with AirStash® available in 8GB or 16GB (SDHC card included), there is plenty of storage capacity for the family!

AirStash® empowers users to leave their laptop at home and work with all their documents and media on a pocket-sized flash drive. Instead of emailing files over the Internet and to another device in the same room, AirStash® provides complete versatility with both wireless and USB operation where users can quickly transfer gigabytes of files either wirelessly or via USB with the convenience, reliability, and security of a standard USB drive.

Like many of today's latest devices such as smart phones and tablets, having the appropriate app or software on your device will allow you to carry out certain tasks. The same applies for the AirStash®. As well as streaming, using different apps you can import and export photo's, video's, documents as well as open, edit and save documents, between the AirStash® and your device. AirStash® uses the WebDAV industry standard so many software apps with a WebDAV client such as Apple’s iWork apps: Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and other apps such as iFiles, WebDAV Navigator, GoodReader, and Cyberduck can read and write to AirStash® over WiFi. And there are an increasing number of third party apps being added all the time that will work with AirStash (look for apps with WebDAV clients).


AirStash® supports the WebDAV industry standard for compatibility with popular apps including Apple’s iWork suite and GoodReader for iOS and WebDAV Navigator for Android™. 

About the Maxell AirStash® A02 AirStash is an easy to use pocket-sized wireless flash drive with built-in media streamer and two-way wireless file transfer capability that offers expandable storage for iPad, iPhone, and iPod for movies, photos, music, eBooks, and documents. Users can download more apps and still carry dozens of movies or thousands of photos and wirelessly stream them to their iPhone or iPad (or Android™/Windows™ smart devices), making AirStash®, the ultimate accessory for your additional storage demands.

2 year warranty

Pack Size
93mm x 32mm x 13mm
Net Weight
SD/SDHC up to 32G
SDXC upgradeable up to 2TB
Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer
Charging via USB powered connection (500mA)
Operating Duration: up to 7 hours
AP mode
Client mode upgradeable
Range:50m (160 feet) line-of-sight
SD push-in/push-out card slot
USB 2.0 High Speed
USB Mass Storage Class
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
WEP 128-bit
WPA2 upgradeable
System Requirements: Wireless Access
Optimized experience for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch
WebDav client, web browser, and/or native app
WiFib/g/n 2.4GHz capable device
System Requirements: USB Access
Compatible with most operating systems that support USB Mass Storage Class
Simultaneous wireless & charge with USB power adapter
USB powered connection (500mA) to charge battery
Built-in media streamer
Built-in web server
Built-in WebDav server
Downloadable iPad/iPhone/iPod touch application (FREE)
Firmware upgradeable
Online user manual
AirStash® features:
Two-Way Wireless Connectivity to iPad with WebDAV
iPad users are able to wirelessly save documents from their tablet to the AirStash® and share the documents with others immediately using industry standard WebDAV technology. It works with new and existing applications including Apple’s Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. With AirStash®, there’s no more need to email files from one device to another while in the same room.

Premium Media Streaming
Users can even share and play different media files on multiple devices simultaneously with the use of one AirStash®. This means that users can store and stream video and audio “from their pocket” allowing users the freedom to enjoy movies, TV shows, and music wherever they go.

Easy Photo Browsing & Importing
The AirStash+app, available for free on Apple’s App Store, was built at the request of professional photographers. The app allows AirStash® users the ability to browse and batch import photos quickly and easily. Users can immediately browse photos up to 35megapixels directly from their camera’s SD card without waiting to import them. Photos can be imported either at full resolution or resized to a space-saving resolution that matches the device display. This allows professional in-field editing and emailing with 3rd party apps.

Visit www.maxellair.eu for more information on AirStash® or visit Maxell Europe YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MaxellEurope.

Get connected to the latest AirStash® news and updates on Twitter@AirStash® and Facebook at http://facebook.com/airstash  or follow Maxell Europe!

For the latest Software Updates please visit: http://update.airstash.com/a02/

For the latest Apps, please visit: http://www.airstash.com/#apps

To read Technical Support advice, please visit: http://support.airstash.com/forums

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AirStash Quick Guide Manual (154.12 KB)

Quick Guide Manual to help you get started on AirStash®

AirStash User Manual (99.33 KB)
AirStash® user manual - please refer to this for any trouble shooting before contacting Customer Service